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By taking part, you have the opportunity to build your network of like-minded, collaboratively-minded creative professionals near and far. Based on research conducted by Be Smart About Art, your peer network is the most vital for career success – for example, introductions to artists by artists is the #1 way that artists attain representation by galleries. The same concept applies to budding gallerists, advisors and artist agents in our program.

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You’ve come to the right place to attain the support and insights needed to build a micro to small creative business in the modern and rapidly shifting world.

When you’ve developed your foundation, you’ll be ready to grow as you intend, with full recognition that by sticking to your values and creative truth, you’ll have the best long-term success. But we won’t pretend that the road can be long. Staying the path with consistent action as a life-long learner is paramount.


We’re preparing to re-launch our signature online course developed over a decade, the #ArtBizBootcamp.

Open for registrations several times each year, you’re taken on a journey with peers, including artists and art dealers alike, as understanding both sides of the equation makes a world of difference for enjoying long-term win-win professional relationships.

Registration for the next #ArtBizBootcamp will open 31st January 2023.

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Join the BSAA community (est. 2012) to build your professional network and benefit from peer support, input and resources.

Based on our research, your professional network is not only nice to have; it’s essential to building a successful career in today’s art market.

From member-only meet-ups and content, discounts from our partners and more, why not give it a try for a month and reap the rewards?