Thriving in a
changing art world

Change is an indicator of life, and as such Be Smart About Art is changing.

BSAA is now not taking on any new subscribers to the Art Biz Bootcamp or BSAA memberships until October 2025.

Seeing previous BSAA members and bootcampers take action from our membership program that positively impacts their careers and livelihoods has been a real joy:

Susan Clare

“Susan’s BSAA programme and ArtBiz Bootcamp have been invaluable in more ways than I can count, providing a stable basis of understanding from which to make decisions and create direction in my career.”

Sue McQueen

“I found BSAA a perfect resource to discuss and learn how to deal with almost any level of art business issues.”

Felicity Swan

"Membership of Be Smart About Art has been very useful to me for several years. In particular, it has helped bring me up to speed with current best practices and offered a pointer for my own professional development as an exhibiting practitioner in a challenging market."

Jackie Groundsell

"Thanks so much for this much-needed solution - I’m 1 hr into the invaluable video and can hardly wait to get started with the contract!"

Emma Broughton

"Susan is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about presenting. She makes everyone feel they can do this and be successful in the art business!"

When we return in 2025, that could be you too!

Alternatively, if you have previously been a member, or have taken a course with BSAA, there are still opportunities to book 1 to 1’s with Susan before then:

The story of Be Smart About Art so far…