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January 23, 2021
by besmartaboutart

Date // Friday, 10th January
Time // 2.00-3.30pm
Location // Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1
Price // £8-18 (discounts for BSAA Members, show exhibitors + early bird)

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A talk by creative business coach Deborah Henry-Pollard to help you make the most out of the coming year, not to mention decade!

This event takes place in conjunction with the Mall Galleries ‘Futures’ exhibition 2020, for which Be Smart About Art is a partner. For more details on the show, see

> Do you know what ‘success’ means to you in your artistic career, or are you working to someone else’s definition?

> Are you choosing where you will be in 5 years or allowing yourself to drift and hope for the best?

> Do you have good intentions but get in your own way with unhelpful mindsets?

Wherever you are in your career – a newbie, changing course, moving to the next level – knowing what you want to achieve isn’t always immediately clear. Then once you know, how do you keep on track?

In this workshop creative coach and author Deborah Henry-Pollard will cover the following areas: 

  • What visioning is and the point of it in your creative career
  • Working together to create your own 5 year vision for artistic success
  • Troubleshooting a few of the stumbling blocks that could get in your way
  • Identifying your key goals for 2020
  • Outlining your first 3 key actions to kickstart you into the New Year

Deborah uses personal experience, case studies and relevant examples to show the benefits of creating a vision for yourself. These include self motivation, proactivity, engaging others and keeping focus. She will lead you through a practical exercise to create a big picture of where you want to be in 5 years time. 

You will then focus down onto the next 12 months, creating milestones on the journey to your 5 year vision.

The session will also address those moments when your own thoughts stop you from moving forward, with practical exercises and tools to help you deal with common mindsets which can get in the way. 

You will begin 2020 with your own…
> Definition of artistic success;
> Key goals;
> Next actions; and
> A toolbox of exercises to call on.

This will be light touch coaching and participatory – please come prepared with pen and paper!

What people say about Debs’ workshops:

“I still feel as if I’ve had a caffeine injection from your session. It was quite extraordinary.”

“The energy in the room has been tremendous…I felt totally lifted”

“Thank you for a fantastic workshop today!  It was both interesting and inspirational, and you have given those of us attending some great tools to work with.”

“This was such a success. Your presentation was wonderful.

I learnt so much.”

“I loved it! It was really helpful! I have adopted the one minute meditation as my new calming trick!’

“Awesome …I just loved your gentle, kind approach.”

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