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Consignment-based Contract Template for Artists, Dealers and Curators
Includes: Two word document templates (with space to add your logo, footer etc) and a must-watch video

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After receiving a number of questions from artists who were concerned that contracts had not been put in place by their galleries, we concluded that there was a need for a ‘fair’ contract agreement representing the interests of *all* parties (i.e., artist and gallery) that could also be put in place by either side.

Accordingly, in 2018, Be Smart About Art commissioned renowned arts lawyer Anthony Misquitta – currently in-house legal counsel for the V&A, to develop a consignment-based contract. BSAA Founder Susan J Mumford and Anthony worked together on the project for a number of months, the result of which is a contract with two versions (for exclusive and non-exclusive consignments). In February 2019, they recorded a must-watch instructive video interview that helps you understand how to make the best use of the agreement for your exhibitions and projects.

Please note that while the agreement has been written according to English law, it is generally applicable as a template for creating a contract for the consignment of art for exhibitions, viewings, and the like. If you / your business is based elsewhere, you can update where the contract states applicable law to state your location.