#Art Biz Bootcamp

Building a sustainable business in the art world today requires flexibility and an unceasing willingness to learn. Our Founder Susan J Mumford has developed a curriculum based on more than twenty years in the art market and over fifteen as an business owner (eventually realising that she’s an entrepreneur!).

The bootcamp supports you to develop the thinking, strategy and foundation on which to build long-term business success.

Each lesson includes a pre-recorded video with accompanying workbook and is followed by a ‘live’ session (via Zoom) that is recorded and made available in your BSAA account afterwards. Throughout the course, you’ll have access to the #ArtBizBootcampers Facebook Group.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to join the #ArtBizBootcampGraduates Facebook Group. Better yet, graduates have ongoing complimentary access to future editions of the bootcamp – we look forward to seeing long-time bootcampers returning to refresh and update knowledge!

Course Content

Foundation (Released upon signing up)

Building your foundation:
Developing your Business Model Canvas… Be Smart About Art style!

Lesson One 

What to have in place (think: tech tools) for a modern art business… including cybersecurity must-dos to protect your identity and more.

Lesson Two 

Pricing art, refining and expanding income streams:
Think: products and also related services, or vice-versa), profitability, forecasting (yes! for art / projects) and bookkeeping (hint: you can get help with finances.

Lesson Three 

Being seen:
Your website, social media, direct messaging and exhibitions (IRL + online), growing your mailing list (ethically and within legal boundaries) – all including measuring and analysing success to make good decisions for the future.

Lesson Four

From honeymoon period to strong biz relationships:
Developing and sustaining professional relationships, understanding contractual options and key points and protecting your business for modern-day risks.

Lesson Five 

Selling techniques and fundraising:
Yes! — for micro-businesses.

Lesson Six 

Turning every stone:
This final session will address topics that have surfaced throughout the bootcamp. Plus, we’ll give you tools to keep your business moving forward, true to your values, in the months and years to come.

“Great speakers, lots of info and a friendly professional sharing atmosphere. Thank you Susan & co. A well run and worthwhile bootcamp”

Kristen Knupp
Art Dealer & Art Vista Magazine