What’s your excuse… For not succeeding as an artist.


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Overcome your excuses, nurture your creative potential and thrive.
By Deborah Henry-Pollard

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Many people enjoy being creative but don’t have the confidence to take their art to the next level, and many artists are proud of what they produce but struggle to capitalise on their potential.

Creative coach Deborah Henry-Pollard has written this book for weekend artists wishing they could turn their talent into a business and for professionals looking for increased exposure and recognition. She takes a look at why artists can get stuck or feel unable to progress to the next level and offers simple, practical advice and inspiring ideas to help them move forward.

Many artists are unsure of how to promote themselves. They may also feel that they lack the resources, contacts or confidence, or that their creative dream is too risky. Deborah covers all of these concerns and offers support, advice and inspiration to help artists at all levels to overcome their concerns, build on their talent, enjoy more
success and thrive.

“I love Deborah’s approach as it covers so many of the worries that we might have as creatives. Some will be bigger than others, and some you might not even have realised that you have! She gets you thinking. She gets you smiling at yourself. She gets you to take action. And throughout this book she shows her deep understanding and love for art and artists.”

Patricia van den Akker
Director, The Design Trust