London Art Fair 2023: What To Expect (Discounted Tickets Inside)

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16 January 2023
by BSAA Team
Creative Director Agnieszka Prendota of Arusha Gallery gives a tour of the show.
Creative Director Agnieszka Prendota of Arusha Gallery gives a tour of the show.

Our founder Susan is sharing her personal forecast for the upcoming LAF edition. Let’s dive into it!

  1. How do you typically navigate an art fair? Do you follow an ordered path, or go with the flow?

The dream is making a plan in advance! As for the reality, I find it’s best to get the map*, sit down on a bench and make notations for galleries to visit. THEN I start to walk the fair and make certain that I visit marked galleries along the way. Nearly twenty years of visiting fairs has taught me that when I’m on my own, being systematic is manageable, whereas if walking with a colleague, the route is all over the place. 

* The map is ideally printed, although some fairs are going digital. This is a whole other conversation to have another time…! 

  1. Young Galleries vs Big Names: has the ratio shifted in the recent years?

When I first attended the fair more than fifteen years ago, the overriding theme was ‘Modern British’ art, which continued to dominate the mezzanine level for a good decade more. Over time, notably as other fairs have entered the London art market, the focus has skewed to contemporary. The show has successfully developed a ‘projects’ section of the fair to highlight emerging talent to pique the interest of curious collectors.

  1. What makes the London Art Fair different from other fairs?

LAF always has a museum partner, which strikes me as an effective yet unfortunately rare collaboration between private and public sectors. This is not to forget the talks programme that manages to stay on top of emerging trends. 

  1. Who is the audience for the London Art Fair? 

Collectors, art enthusiasts, art advisors, art dealers, artists, art market providers, journalists, corporate teams and others with a general interest in viewing a plethora of art under one roof.  

  1. Is there a specific artist or gallery you’re most excited about?

I’m most interested in the number of talks and even several tours that focus on women in the art world. My hope is that this – and other underrepresented groups, continues to feature as a core theme for as long as it’s needed. 

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